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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dose of Colors Terra Collection

Hi Angels,

Happy National Lipstick Day.  In this heat wave on the East Coast your makeup has to be bulletproof or you'll look a Neopolitan ice cream after you walk down the block.  One of my essentials has been the liquid lipstick.  Dose of Colors released a trio this past May with lovely earthy tones.  Although it might not be available on their site you may still be able to purchase them at places like  The trio is priced at $58.

Let's take a look at these beauties.

From left to right: Stone, Sand and Brick.

Here they are switched on MAC NW43 skin:

These beauties are true to color and stay on as long as you're not eating anything too oily.  They are a dry matte and stay put otherwise.  Based on these babies the rest of the line is worth checking out. An array of colors are the company website which is  They are priced at $18 a matte lipstick.

So what do we think Angels? Are you curious about the line and other colors?  Have you tried anything else from this Indie brand?  Let us know what you think?

Until next time, Angels!
Happy Haulin'

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Melt Cosmetics Dark Matter and Love Sick

Hi Angels,

I know everyone is looking forward to the three day weekend that kicks off the summer. The day off will help me catch up with the makeup that I've purchased in the last few weeks.  You tube and Instagam have been abuzz about Melt Cosmetics.  This line has some killer lipstick colors and at the beginning of the year debuted two eye shadow palettes.  They are in stacks and called that as well.  I bought them both. They are the Dark Matter and Love Sick stacks.

These stacks are essential in completing that beautiful smoky eye or look with that killer pop of color.  Here are pics of the stack 

They are magnetized and have a mirror underneath the Melt cover.  Here is Dark Matter:

From top to bottom: Unseen-caramel
Enigma-rusted brown, Dark Matter-pitch black and Blur-blending beige eraser color. These colors are all matte.

Now let's look at the Love Sick stack.

From top to bottom: Amelie-a rich peach with gold shimmer, Love Sick-a burgundy-red matte, Fixated-matte gray with hints of blue, Promiscuous-bluewith purple  shifts and sheen.

These stacks are gorgeously pigmented and the color is true to the pan.  What you see is what you get. Here are swatches on MAC NW43 skin tone over primer:

From top left to right: (Dark Matter Stack)-Unseen, Enigma, Dark Matter and Blur
From bottom left to right:(Love Sick Stack)-Amelie, Love Sick, Fixated and Promiscuous. Each stack is $48.00 and sold at

The colors are different takes on what most of us might already have in our stashes. There was a lot of thought put into these shadows by the ladies of Melt and this Pretty Prescriber appreciates it! 

So Angels, are you familiar with this line?Have you purchased the lipsticks or these stacks?  Let us know what you think.

Until next time Angels?
Happy Haulin'

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kat Von D Everlasting liquid lipsticks

Hi Angels,

Sorry for the break.  We have lots of products we will be reviewing this season.  I'm currently on vacation with the family in Florida.  With this humid boggy weather, your makeup application needs to be adjusted.  One thing for sure if I'm stuck on a desert island I will pack my supply of Kat Von D Everlasting liquid lipsticks. Here are swatches of the ones I have on MAC NW43 skin.
From left to right: Lolita, Bauhaus, Outlaw, A GoGo and Luv.  The first and last lipsticks are always sold out at Sephora.  The Kat Von D line is exclusive to this store. They are $18 each.  

They go on smoothly and last until you have a super greasy meal.  I have tried quite a few of these lipsticks and either they feel like paste on the lips or they have no lasting power.  These are definitely top of the line.

So Angels are these on your makeup wish list or do you already own these babies?  What colors do you have?  Let us know what you think...

Until next time Angels,
Happy Haulin'

Friday, March 27, 2015

AJ Crimson Sultry and Matte Lipsticks

Hi Angels,

This past February this Pretty Prescriber attended a makeup class given by AJ Crimson.  Mr. Crimson has been a makeup artist to the stars for years.  He has recently created a makeup line consisting of the industry favorite dual creme foundation. Today he is debuting a lipstick line called Sultry and Matte.  By the looks of the buzz on social media these will sell out. Here are pics of the lipstick courtesy of AJ Crimson's instagram.

If these lipsticks are anything like AJ Crimson's other products, they will be full of color and go on beautifully.  Here are swatches courtesy of AJ

These luxe lipsticks are encased in a beautiful sleek tube.  They are available today (March 27, 2015)  at for $18.50.  I just ordered Pillow Talk, Bondage and SubCulture.  I cannot wait to get these home and review them for you. 

So Angels, do you see a color you like?  Will you be ordering one of these lippies?  Let us know what you think....

Until next time Angels
Happy Haulin'

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

MAC Julia Petit Collection

Hi Angels,

MAC is releasing a new collection tomorrow (3/19).  They have teamed up with Brazil's Julia Petit for these beauties.  Here's what the brand had to say:

Whether fearless and exotic or classically demure, Julia Petit’s brazen approach to style and makeup artistry has transformed her into one of South America’s most revered lifestyle bloggers, and a cult beauty icon. In her namesake M•A•C collaboration, she brings the alluring women and fantastical urban landscape of São Paulo to life with sizzling sun-kissed hues.
Angels feast your eyes on this promo pic courtesy of MAC:

This definitely is setting the tone for 
Spring. The next pic is of the whole collection.(also courtesy of the brand)
Here's the color story and price for each item.

Lipstick (USD$17.50 )

  • Boca Soft pink nude (Satin)
  • Petite Red Strawberry cream (Satin)
  • Acai Vivid deep violet (Matte)

Lipglass (USD$16.50)

  • Purpurine Sheer peach shimmer with pink and gold pearl

Powder Blush (USD$24)

  • Linda Soft pink bronze

Prep + Prime Powder (USD$28)

  • Transparent Pressed Finishing Powder

Eyeshadow Duo (USD$22)

  • Morganite Sunstoned (soft pink champagne, Lustre) / Choco Cake (dark chocolate, Matte)
  • Sagu Druzy (dirty mauvy purple, Lustre) / Black Plum (deep blackened plum, Matte)
  • Moving Sand Mumu (soft nude brown, Matte) / Noite (black with pearl, Lustre)
The collection also includes rebel lustre drops (repeat from Rihanna collection) Nd a black liquid liner with gold flecks called wet road.  

This next promo pic from MAC displays a few pieces in the beautiful backdrop.

Angels, I personally see a few things I might have to pick up.  Boca lipstick and Linda blush would be a welcome addition to my collection.  Do you see anything you like?  Are you online stalking the release of this collection? This collection will be available at select MAC stores and at  Let us know what you think and what you decide to buy.  

Until next time
Happy Haulin'

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Too Faced Selfie Powder

Hi Angels,

I just received word that Too Faced Cosmetics is going make us all honest Selfie takers. Filters will no longer be needed. The brand released a palette of the light filtering powders.

Here is what the brand had to say:
"Selfie Powders are your filters for the real world! Our collection of weightless finishing powders mimic the effects of your favorite photo filters by using light-fragmenting technology to instantly brighten with diffused warmth, bronze with a smoothing glow, or add a cool ethereal light to the skin. Get close-up perfection in photos and look filter-flawless in real life!"

Let's take a look at the palette courtesy of

From left to right: Sunrise, Totally Toasted and Moon River.  Angels I am intrigued, especially at the price of $39.00.  I have heard others comparing this palette to Guerlain Meteorites which are much more expensive. If you like that angelic, heavenly sheen, this should be right up your alley.   

The Too Faced No Filter Selfie Powder palettes are available at your local Sephora, Ulta, online and wherever else Too Faced Cosmetics  is sold.

So what do we think Angels? Are we going to give this palette a trial run on your Social Media page. Let us know what you think.  

Until next time Angels,
Happy Haulin'

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

MAC Cinderella Collection

Hi Angels,

The remake of Disney's Cinderella is coming to theaters on March 13th.  As per usual MAC is the brand chosen to release a collection.  It will be released tomorrow (February 26th) online at  The in store release is slated for March 5th.  Let's take a look at the promo pic courtesy of

This is gorgeous.  The packaging of the products is in the beautiful Cinderella blue with gold letters. Here is a picture of the 17 piece collection courtesy of

Lipstick $17.50 

  • Free as a Butterfly Semi-sheer golden nude (Lustre)
  • Royal Ball Fleshy pink (Lustre)

Lipglass $16.50 

  • Happily Ever After Cool milky pink with bluish pearl
  • Glass Slipper Light milky pink with pinkish pearl

Eyeshadow x 6 / Stroke of Midnight $44.00 U.S. 

  • Phloof! Frosted off-white (Frost)
  • Quarry Soft muted plum-brown (Matte)
  • Omega Soft muted beige-taupe (Matte)
  • Vapour Peach-pink with violet pearl (Velvet)
  • Stroke of Midnight Black plum with sparkle pearl (Velvet)
  • Satin Taupe Taupe with silver shimmer (Frost)

MAC Studio Eye Gloss $23.00

  • Lightly Tauped Light beige gloss with pearl
  • Pearl Varnish White gloss with pearl

Fluidline $17.50 

  • Little Black Bow Grey with silver pearl
  • Macroviolet Deep smoked violet with red pearl

Iridescent Pressed Powder $28.00 

  • Coupe d’Chic Light golden peach with gold shimmer

Glitter $23.00

  • Reflects Pearl Fine white glitter with pearl sheen

Pigment $24.00 

  • Evil Stepmother Black plum with plum pearl
  • Pretty It Up Olive with pearlized pigments

Beauty Powder $28.00 

  • Mystery Princess Pink beige with silver shimmer (Matte)


  • 217 Blending Brush $24.00 U.S. 
  • 168 Large Angled Contour $35.00 U.S. 
This collection is sure to be a hit for the MAC collector, Disney fanatic and fair skinned beauty.  All in all everyone can find something they'll like.

So what do we think Angels?  Will we be stalking the website tomorrow?  Do you already know what you want to purchase?  Let us know what you think.

Until next time Angels,
Happy Haulin'

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash

Benefit Cosmetics has just released it's newest mascara.  The makers of the They're Real Mascara have made some bold claims.  Here is what the brand had to say:
"The innovative mascara with a 12-hour setting formula that hooks, lifts, and curls lashes. What it does: Benefit Roller Lash Mascara lets you create ultra-long, full lashes to achieve your best wide-eyed and gorgeous lash look. With a brush that’s designed to grab and lift lashes for a super-curling effect, it’s perfect for all types including short and straight lashes."
Let's take a look at this mascara courtesy of

Roller Lash is slated for release on the 27th of February.  Sephora VIBs are able to score this pretty online on the18th and 19th while supplies last.  

I for one am interested. The brush and packaging are adorable.  If it does what it says, I will be a big fan.  

So what do we think Angels?  Are you interested in Roller Lash?  Are any VIBs going to take advantage of the early release?  Let us know what you think...

Until next time Angels,
Happy Haulin'

Thursday, February 5, 2015

O'Keeffe's for Healthy Feet Foot Creme

Hi Angels,

This Pretty Prescriber has a confession to make.  I had rough feet.  During the winter months my feet can give sand paper and rocks a run for their money. No amount of scrubbing and filing did the trick.  All of the expensive dry skin creams didn't even get through the thick skin.  

That is Until I was at my neighborhood Bed Bath and Beyond.  Yeah, I said Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I was looking at the products by the checkout stand and I saw this:

This O'Keeffe's Healthy Foot Cream.  At $6.99 I figured I didn't have much to lose so I bought it.  So after two weeks of twice a day usage my jar looks like this:

My feet feel like my baby's bottom.  All the flaky skin is gone as well as the cracked heels.  You better believe I will be going to buy another just so we never have a repeat of my dry cracked feet.

Angels, I suggest you run, not walk if your feet are not doing well in this cold weather.  This cream saved my feet, sheets and marriage. Lol!!!

So Angels, have we tried this foot cream?  If so what did you think?  Let us know you think....

Until next time Angels,
Happy Haulin'

Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Eyeshadows from Sugarpill

Hi Angels,

I was minding my own makeup business today when I received a message in my inbox. Sugarpill, a brand we have featured before is releasing new loose eyeshadows today at 2 p.m. PST.

Here's a look at the shadows courtesy of Sugarpillcosmetics:

Do you see what I'm seeing?  Penelope and Holy Ghost are speaking to me. If these are true to Sugarpill's reputation, what you see is what you get?  I can't wait to see them in person? 

What do we think Angels?  Are you interested in any of these loose shadows?  Let us know what you think and tell us about what you bought. 

Until next time Angels
Happy Haulin'

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lily Pulitzer for Target

Hi Angels!!
 Happy New Year again from us here at the Pretty Presciption!  

The blogosphere has been abuzz about Target's next spring collection. On April 19th the Lily Pulitzer collection will be released online.  Lily Pulitzer is the queen of prep whose designs were worn by her schoolmate Jackie O.  Her bright understated patterns are quite a hit in the resort wear department at high end department stores.  

The collaboration is a one stop shop for this vacation season.  It features everything from bikinis, glassware, throw pillows and lawn chairs.  The clothing will also have plus sizes so everyone can be included. The price points are from $2-150.

Here are some pics courtesy of the Huffpost, PopSugar and ForbesLife. 

More beach/resort wear 


I do have to say, although the reactions to the collection has been positive, there are a lot of unhappy campers. Some People on Social media that have other Lily Pulitzer pieces fear that this collection will make their pieces seem more common.  
As someone that has a collection of Target Philip Lim bags, I highly doubt that someone would mistake the high end articles with the Target ones.  The styles, colors and in this case even the patterns are exclusive to Target. So I don't see the need for the worry.

All in all this will be a great collection for Lily Pulitzer lovers.  It has a little something for everyone.  So what do we think Angels?  Will you be stalking on April 19th or is this a pass?  Let us know what you decide.

Until next time Angels,
Happy Haulin'

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Releases

Hi Angels,

I hope your new year is going well.  After a bout with the flu this Pretty Prescriber is ready for some new makeup.  Three of our favorite brands have released some eye catching products.  

MAC has just released their Viva Glam
collection with Miley Cyrus.  We spoke about this a few months back.  Well now it's online and ready to be purchased.  Here's the promo pic to refresh your memories (courtesy of

We reviewed a palette by LORAC a while back called the UNZIPPED palette.  It was this brand's take on the naked craze that all makeup lines are following.  The brand is back with a follow up called  UNZIPPED GOLD. It is currently available at Ulta.  Here is a promo pic courtesy of Ulta:
Last but not least NARS has just released a new foundation to join the family.  It is called All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation.  The brand calls it instant polished perfection in one drop.  Here is the pic courtesy of

Angels, we here are excited to try these items and hear what you think of them.  In this game called make up, you'll never know what you like until you give it a try.  

Let us know if any of these items are a yes or no and of course why? 2015 is looking exciting in the world of makeup.  

Until next time Angels,
Happy Haulin'

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Happy New Year Angels!!!

We here at the Pretty Prescription are wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.  We appreciate you and look forward to more adventures in style and beauty in 2015. 

Until next time Angels
Happy Haulin'