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Monday, September 23, 2013

Lancome Rouge In Love Collection Picks, review and swatches

Hello Angels,

Back with some more makeup to share!  Shocking, I know.  I went to my local Sephora this weekend to try out some lipsticks that had flown under my personal usage radar.  I'm talking about the Lancome Rouge in Love 6 hour long wear luxury line of lipsticks released in June 2013 by a beloved luxury cosmetics line, Lancome.  Described by the company as "high potency" color, it is designed to have a lightweight feel and comes in 22 shades.  Here's a launch photo for the line featuring Emma Watson.

I'll admit.  I love Lancome mascara, eyeliner, blush and foundations but I've never thought very much of their lipsticks.  Until now!  After a friend of mine gushed about a shade from this line that she was just in loooove with, off to Sephora I went.  

Here's their Rouge in Love display, pretty discreetly tucked away under a Teinte Visionnnaire display:

I tried all 16 of the shades at Sephora, so much that the back of my poor left hand started to feel raw!  But I do this for our followers in the name of beauty ;).  My 3 must have picks from this collection are the following:

1.  Shade 381 B Violette Coquette:  This went on like buttah!  All of them did actually.  And the color caused a small gasp to escape my lips, prompting the sales associate to ask me if I needed help.   No, no help needed.  Just this lipstick.  For all you MACnistas out there, it's like Heroine with shine, but shine that doesn't take away from its pigment.  It also reminds me of MAC Violetta without the iridescence.  If you couldn't care less about MAC, know that both of the aforementioned shades were limited edition and this is a very close dupe you can get for retail price that will flatter every skin tone.  

2.  Shade 361M Pink Bon Bon:  Such a pretty, cool but bright pink!  This reminds me  of MAC Pink Nouveau but, with sheen that doesn't come from gloss layered over it.  I like that saved step for getting ready for work, and I like the idea of 6 hour wear with a color like this.  It's also a do for all skin tones.  

3.  Last but not least, Shade 322M Corail in Love:  A lovely coral-infused light brown that makes for a nice neutral color.  I see this as a great every day lipstick, as well as one that pairs quite nicely with a brown smokey eye or gold eyeshadow.  

They definitely wear with feather weight, no heavy or sticky feeling after hours of wear.  I would call them long lasting but not necessarily 6 retouch-free hours.  Especially after a meal.  That said, they are not drying like many long wear lipsticks so I'm willing to do touch-ups for that benefit.  

I added these three beauties to my collection (as if I needed another lipstick ever) and I look forward to pairing them with neutral eyeshadows and my go-to winged eyeliner (for the violet and pink lippies) as a gorgeous pop of color that is still quite appropriate for the workplace. 

Hope you enjoyed this brief tour of the collection and maybe even discovered one that you plan to snag for your collection!  Please share your thoughts and comments/questions!  

Happy Haulin'!

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