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Friday, June 14, 2013

H&M Fashion News

MAC Art of the Eye Collection Review

Hello Angels,

I am finally caught up with my recent MAC collection purchases.  Thank you for bearing with me.  I made a petite haul online from the MAC Art of the Eye Collection.  I picked up three items.  They are two eye shadows named Parrot (a beautiful blue green frost), Farasha (a true bright warm orange matte) and Landscape Green (true green chromographic pencil).

Well, I am very pleased with my purchase.  You might say these colors are not very original.  That may be true but I don't have any dupes in my collection.  Parrot is a shadow that I have heard mentioned with googly eyes so picking it up was a no brainier.  The Landscape Green pencil is true to color with no shimmer and lasts all day.  Farasha is an orange shadow that I don't have to pack on so the color can show.  Sounds like great purchases to me.  Most of the items are sold out on but they maybe restocked.  It is definitely worth a look.  Take a look at my swatches on NW43 skin to help you with you decision.

Until next time Angels
Happy Haulin'!

Swatches from top to bottom: Landscape Green, Parrot and Farasha

Thursday, June 6, 2013

MAC Extra Dimension 2013 Review

Hello Angels,

I am almost caught up reviewing the items that I have purchased.  Some of you may remember the Extra Dimension collection that was released last year as well as some mini shadows at Christmas time.

Well Angels, if you haven't purchased anything from the past collections
make sure you do next time.  The texture is like a hardened creme.  It goes on smoothly and builds beautifully for more color.  The previous collections consisted of skinfinishes for the face and eye shadows.  This collection included blushes and skinfinishes with two colors.

So what did I buy?  I could not pass up Double Definition Extra Dimension Skinfinish.  The top part is gold with a sheen.  the bottom part is a bronze color with a deep sheen as well.  For my NW 43 skin it is the perfect highlighter.  There are no glitter chunks so blending is a dream.  I have not put it down since I bought it.

I purchased Fiery Impact blush.  It is a beautiful dusty coral.  Is the color original?  No. The formula is a step up from and for those who might not like creme blushes.  You get the same effect without the mess.   I only purchased three of the shadows and I was not disappointed.  I bought zestful (an iridescent light green) triple impact (an iridescent lavendar) and opalesce (an iridescent warm silver).  They will pair beautifully with your favorite shadows in the same color.

All in all these collections are always worth checking out for yourself.  You will definitely find something to your liking.  Bits and pieces may still be floating around at your favorite MAC counter/store or Check out my swatches below.

Happy Haulin'

My Haul:

Blush and light and dark side of skinfinish:

Eyeshadows: zestful, triple impact and opalesce

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer color fun tutorial!

Hello Angels!

I was getting dressed on this steamy "spring" day and decided to do minimal makeup (beauty balm) and add a pop of color somewhere to draw the away from my minimalist look.  My choice?  Aqua for the eyes.  This look is fun but tame enough for even the workplace.  I finished the look with MAC lush amber lipstick to keep all the attention on my peepers!
To replicate this look:
MAC Constructivist paint pot as a base.
MAC eyeshadow in Lie Low from lash line to just above lid crease. 
MAC eyeshadow in Arena in highlight.
MAC chromographic pencil in High Def Cyan along the lower lash line
MAC kohl eyeliner in Feline along waterline.
MAC eyeshadow in Electric Eel in the outer crease, blended towards the middle lid.
See pics and hit me with any questions, and check back soon for additional summer colorful looks!!!