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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

MAC Maleficent and Alluring Aquatic in Person

Hi Angels,

I was just at my neighborhood MAC store.  Gues what I saw????? The two collections I just told you about.  They are MAC Maleficent and Alluring Aquatic.  The staff was setting up for an event. I was able to sneak and get these pics.

Sorry no swatches.  Here is Alluring Aquatic Color:

It is very pretty in person. It isn't really anything I personally don't have in my stash but pretty nonetheless.

Here is a pic of Alluring Aquatic Face:

The other blush was not yet unpacked.  Isn't the packaging pretty.  I picked up the bronzer to the left (Refined Golden) because of it. 

Lord knows I don't need bronzer.  LOL.  Check out why I caved:

Here is the bronzer out if the box:

Do you see the droplets?  It is beautiful and all mine.  You can go get yours at your neighborhood MAC, Nordstrom's, Macy's and Bloomingdales when it is released.

Until next time Angels
Happy Haulin' 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatic

Hi Angels,

Do you hear that?  That is the sound of this recent MAC release selling out.  LOL.  I don't know how they do this.  This is a hit.  The collection comes in a beautiful aqua package with droplets.  It is divided into two mini collections, face and color.
Here is the ad pic for Aquatic Alluring Face courtesy of

The face collection consists of a Bronzing Powder, Extra Dimension Bronzer, 127 Split fiber brush and makeup bag in collection's special packaging and teal color.

Here are the goodies: It comes in shades Golden and Refined Golden (which is sold out)for $27.50.

Next we have the Alluring Aquatic Extra  Dimension Bronzers in Delphic and Aphrodite's shell. They are pictured below:

Delphic is pretty tan and Aphrodite's Shell is a bronze copper.  They are both priced at $33.00.  Both are sold out online and I will tell you why.  The Extra Dimension formula is like a silky whipped powder with luminous color and no glitter. You will seriously get your glow on. Try to locate them in store if you can.  

Another nice piece in the collection is the 127 Split Fibre Face brush with the beautiful teal end.  This brush is specifically tailored to precise application of Extra Dimension face powders: it us priced at $35.00

The last part of the face collection is the makeup bag.  It is also in the beautiful teal color as shown below. It's texture is similar to the water droplets on the other pieces. It is priced for $35.00. 

Now we will look at the second part of the Alluring Aquatic Collection. It is Alluring Aquatic Color. Let's take a look.

We have 2 beautiful pearlglide pencils in the colors Black Line and Black Swan. 
Here is a picture:
 Black Line is olive with shimmer and sparkle.  Black Swan is true black with the same shimmer and sparkle.  They are priced at $17.50.

Another color filled part of the collection is the extra dimension eyeshadows.  There are six that range from a light shimmer to a metal sheen. Here is Legendary Lure: 
 They are well worth their price tag of $19.50.  All if the shadows are already sold out online. If you're interested in any if the colors, hunt them down in stores.  It is worth it.  You'll become a fan if the creamy texture and smooth application.

The lipsticks in this collection are sold out online.  The textures if the six lippies range from frost to matte.  They all have the limited edition packaging with mini droplets.  Here is a picture of Goddes of the Sea which is a creemsheens.  It is $17.50.  

We can't have lipstick without lip gloss.  There are six with beautiful micro glitter to compliment each lipstick.  The package has the water droplets on the cap. Here is Modern Lure priced at $16.50.

All the lipped can be lined with the special edition lip liners.  The colors are Half-red and What comes naturally.  They are a reddish pink and nude color.

The two Extra Dimension blushes are Seduced at Sea (as seen below) and Sea me, Hear me.  
They are a Peach and Pink with a sheen. They are $27.50 and sold out online.  

There are three pretty nail polishes in this collection glisten and shine inch times and platinum colors.  Below (courtesy of we have Submerged in the gorgeous teal priced at $17.50.

Lastly we have the 233 split fibre eyeshadow brush.  It is perfect for picking up the right amount of eyeshadow.  It works especially well for the Extra Dimension eyeshadows.
 The brush has the special edition handle in the teal color.  It is priced at $25.00 dollars.  

So what do you think Angels?  Have you picked up anything from this collection?  Let us know what you think.

Until next time
Happy Haulin'

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What is a Woman's Worth?

Hi Angels!  
What is A Woman's Worth?  Do you recognize these words?  This is the Title of a very popular Alicia Keyz song. Well the very pretty songbird is now the face of Givenchy Perfumes.  This is according to WWD. 

This is the first beauty contract for the "Falling" beauty.  Besides music most of Alicia's attention has been focused on her charity and her Reebok line.  Here is her ad pic: (courtesy of Nunoz)

Isn't it gorge.  Alicia joins Justin Timberlake and Liv Tyler as the face of the controversial luxury fashion house.  I am interested in smelling and seeing the new fragrance.  

So Angels, what do you think?  Are you excited for this new scent and campaign?  Let us know what you think!

Until next time
Happy Haulin'

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

MAC Maleficent

Hello Angels,

I am back with a peak at one of MAC's newer collection. It is MAC Maleficent.  This collection has been in the making for years.  There was a collection released called Venomous Villains a few years ago.  The Maleficent items sold out the fastest.   She is my favorite of all the Disney villains.  I mean how are you evil, fierce and beat!  LOL. 

This is released just before the movie starring Angelina Jolie.  She is also the face of the MAC collection.  If you haven't seen the commercials for the movie, here is the collection photo:

This photo does not even show the special effects and crazy contouring.  The collection is small and does not contain any bright colors.  The makeup has a Maleficent design and does not qualify for the pro discount.

Here is the makeup courtesy of
The eyeshadow quad:($44.00)

The colors are composed of some MAC regulars such as Carbon, Goldmine and Concrete.  Browndown is seen so often at MAC that it might as well be permanent if it isn't.  If you are not able to snatch up the palette, you can build a palette with three of the four colors.  Colors such as Saddle can serve as the brown.  This is a good starter palette for those who are new to makeup and even for those that want a travel palette full of staples.

Next we have the Maleficent  Pentulmate Eyeliner in Rapidblack:($21.50)
This is perfect for that Angelina cat eye in the blackest of black.  Use the very tip for a thin line and more of the body for a thicker line on your upper lid.

Next we have Maleficent Eyebrows in Fling. ($17.50)  This is the perfect color for someone with light eyebrows.  This is also part of the permanent collection as well as some great other colors. 

Next we have MAC lashes with the Maleficent design on the package. These are the 30 lash which are individuals.  They are to be added for fullness or just at the corner for a little drama.  They are $17.50.

Next we have the Maleficent 36 lash for $17.50.  It also has the Maleficent design on the box.  It is a perfectly shaped lash that can be reused if properly cared for.

The Maleficent  pro longwear lipgloss is a beautiful red gloss that can be worn alone or over the lipstick.  ($22.00) With the pro longwear formula it will last throughout the day:

The collection also boasts a gorgeous red lipstick in the amplified formula.  It is called True Love's Kiss.  This is a red with blue undertones.  It is great for a variety of skin tones.  It is currently sold out online at Maccosmetics. The price for this beauty is $17.50.  Here it is below:

There is a Maleficent pro longwear lipliner called Kiss me Quick.  It is a beautiful yellow-red that compliments the lipstick and lipgloss.  The lip pencil has the Maleficent packaging.  It is priced at $21.50.

This collection would not be complete without a Beauty Powder.  The Maleficent Beauty Powder in Natural is a soft peachy-pink.  This would be best suited for those with lighter skin tones as a blush,highlight or all over powder.  It is $30.00.  I see this being a must have for  those that can wear it. 

A prep and prime highlighter will give you in pen form will give you a sheer wash if color with radiance.  This color's collection is Bright Forecast.  It is priced at $25.00.

The Maleficent sculpting powder is a pro powder called sculpt.  With the promise of achieving Angelina Jolie cheekbones, I can see why it is sold out.   It is also in  Maleficent packaging.  The price is $23.00.

The last item is the Maleficent nail polish priced at $17.50.  It also has the Maleficent design.  The nail polish comes in three shades.  They are:

Uninvited (nude with shimmer)
Flaming Rose (fiery red)

Last but not least is
Nocturnelle (true black)

I think this collection is chock full of standards.  Some products are not for everyone.  This is definitely a pale beauty's dream come true.  If you are a collector this is also a must have.  The packaging is gorge and different.  Consider it a momento and remember how fierce Angelina Jolie looked in the movie. You can purchase these items at MAC stores, as well Macy's, Nordstrom, Bloomie'a and Dillard's.

So what do we think Angels?  Are you going to buy anything?  Is there something that has caught your eye?  Let us know what you think....

Until next time
Happy Haulin'

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mother's Day Top 10 Picks Under $100

Hi Angels!!

We know it's always so hard to figure out what to get for our mothers, wouldn't she just tell us!!!  So, since Mom will always be elusive and say she doesn't need anything (she's so selfless <3), we decided to put together some beauty products and accessories that won't break the piggy bank!  We tried to pick items that we would like to receive ourselves, because as it turns out, we're not all that different from our moms, though we would like to think we are. 

And the winners for 2014 are......

So here is the run down:

1.  Nars The Narsissist Eye Palette (Limited Edition):
We love all the range of colors in this palette, and great for the Mom on the go!
$79 @ Sephora

2.  Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir Set:
Can't go wrong with the luxe feel of Guerlain!
$74 @ Sephora

3.  Formula X - The Twenty-Two Nail Set:
Love all the choices of colors in this set!
$55 @ Sephora

4.  Jo Malone Candle:
We would ONLY be able to indulge in this candle if it were a gift, so why not splurge for Mom?
$65 @ Saks

5. Pave Edged Delicate Initial Cuff by C Wonder:
Monogram is always a great way to add a personal touch.
$38 @ C Wonder (and still some money left over to buy something else!)

6.  Alex and Ani Bangles:
We don't think this one needs too much explanation, everyone loves them, and they're are way affordable. You can get bangles with initials, zodiac signs, birthstones, or almost anything else!
$28 @ Alex and Ani

7.  Michael Kors Buckle Bangle:
This one is at the tippy top of our budget, but it's a classic.  They also come in a range of tones, gold tone, rose gold tone, two-tone, etc.
$95 @ Saks

8.  Marc by Marc Jacobs Square Sunglasses:
These are so chic, everyone loves sunglasses!
$98 @ Saks

9.  Tory Burch Evie Stud Earrings:
These are so cute and come in two great shades for the Spring and Summer.
$68 @ Saks

10.  Monogram Jewelry Box:
The perfect place for Mom to store all of her goodies!
$78 @ C Wonder

Hoping this takes some of the guesswork out of your Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

L'OREAL Paris Color Riche Collection Privee'

Hi Angels,

So I was in my neighborhood Harmon the other day.  (Love that store.  Remember you can use your Bed Bath and Beyond Coupons there).  I happened upon a small display.  It is from L'OREAL.  The name of the collection is the L'OREAL Paris Color Riche Privee'. Just the look of the casing had me intrigued. Here is a pic below courtesy of L'OREAL Paris:

The collection boasts nude lipsticks and nail polishes specially made for models and famous faces. Some of the models include Doutzen Kroes, Eva Longoria, Freida Pinto and Liya Kibede.  There was a small short made that includes all of the models.  The UK and Canada received different lipstick and nail polishes.

Here is a picture courtesy of L' of Liya Kibede's lipstick and nail polish:
This is the one I purchased.  It is a purple brown duo chrome.  Not altogether nude but beautiful nonetheless.  Below is a pic if my nail polish and lipstick.

Isn't it even richer looking than their original packaging.  If you've read my reviews before you'll know that one of my biggest gripes about L'OREAL lipsticks are the smell. It is a fruity vanilla smell that interferes with my enjoying the color. Someone must have heard my cry because this lipstick doesn't have it. I just might back it up and put it in my bag for my five minute face.  You can purchase the different colors at your neighborhood Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid and Target

So what do we think Angels?  Have you seen this collection in stores?  Did you or are you going to buy anything?  Let us know what you think.  

Until next time Angels
Happy Haulin'

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Urban Decay Electric Palette

Hi Angels,

I am back with a review of one of the hottest palettes of this season.  Urban Decay just released a palette of bright pressed pigments called the Electric Pallete.  As the name states, this palette is not for anyone looking like the best selling Naked Palettes.  Shall we have a look? Here are some of my pics:

That's the cute packaging.  Here's a pic of the palette:

These are beautiful!  Let
Me introduce you to the colors. From the top left to right:
 Revolt-shimmery silver, Gonzo-matte turquoise with shimmer, Slowburn- matte range with shimmer, Fringe- shimmery teal
2nd row- Chaos- matte royal blue with shimmer, Jilted- matte purple with blue undertones, Urban- matte purple with shimmer, Freak- shimmery light green and Thrash- matte lemon yellow with shimmer.

Here are my swatches on NW43 skin: Revolt, Gonzo, Slowburn, Savage, Fringe.

2nd row from left to right: 

Chaos, Jilted, Urban, Freak and Thrash 

If you donot have  bright colors this covers all the ones you should have.  What's best is that it is all in one palette.  There is an insert that warns against using Slowburn, Savage, Jilted and Urban in the immediate eye area. So use at your own risk.  Slowburn and Savage also stain your lids so use a primer.

Urban Decay has done it again Angels!  This is a must have especially if you don't have bright colors in your collection.  The textures are smooth, pigmented with minimal fall out. I don't know what else I could say besides run don't walk and get it.  It is $49.00 at Sephora, Ulta, Macy's and Urban

So Angels, can you see yourself using these colors this summer or is this a pass?  Let us know what you think

Until next time Angels,
Happy Haulin'