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Saturday, June 28, 2014

LA Girl's Splurge or Steal

Hi Angels,

Social media has been abuzz about LA Girl's Glazed Lip paint.  The company touts it as a product with the appearance of a lipstick that has the ease and glossy finish of a lipgloss. The company is cruelty free so no testing on animals.  

Have we heard this before?  Have you heard of the brand OCC? AKA Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.  You don't believe me ask LAgirl. Here is a pic courtesy of the brand:

The brand says they are a cheaper alternative with the same quality.  Here are some swatches courtesy of LAgirl:

If that is not enough to impress you.  Here is another prestige brand selling the same product at an even higher price point of $21. It is Too Faced's Melted.  This is a liquified long wearing lipstick.  This pic is courtesy of Sephora.

I for one love a bargain.  I especially love it when the quality is just as good as the higher priced brand.  At this price point it is worth giving a try.  

So what do we think Angels? Are you going to make a beeline for your neighborhood drugstore?  If you've tried the LAgirl lip paint, let us know what you think.  

Until next time Angels
Happy Haulin'

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Update Benefit They're Real Push Up Gel Liner

Hi Angels,

I am back with an update on the Benefit They're Real Push Up Gel Liner.  I was able to order it early and receive it two days later courtesy of Sephora.  The liner shares its name with Benefit's mascara which is currently the top selling mascara of Prestige Brands.

So what do I think??? Why,thank you for asking. This beauty is exactly what Benefit says it is.  It is a matte black waterproof gel in in a click to dispense pen.  Before I go on let's take a look at these pics courtesy of us:

Here is the pen:

Here is the applicator tip:

After a full click apply to your eyes quickly.  This is a waterproof matte gel so it is dryer than your liquid liner.   You may have to use more than one swipe/pass for even distribution.  

Here is our final pic after after a hot shower!  Lol.  That's right we go the extra      mile for our readers. 

So what do we think?  It is matte and black.  It also lasts but is easily removed with waterproof eye makeup remover.  You can easily achieve a thick or thin line by positioning the tip.  You need to have a steady hand because depositing too much product can lead to clumps.  Don't click the bottom more than necessary or you'll have a mess.

All in all this is a revolutionary product.  Although the gel can be a little smoother,  it delivers whatever shape of line you set out to draw. This beauty will be available on the 27th of June at your local Sephora, Ulta and anywhere else that sells Benefit.

So what do we think Angels?  Are you going to buy this liner?  Or is this liner a pass?  Let us know what you think.

Until next time Angels,
Happy Haulin'

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Scandal"ous Wardrobe

Hi Angels,
Are you an Olivia Pope fan?  Do you imagine yourself cleaning up the secrets of Washington in that fabulous wardrobe?  Well now you can fulfill part of that daydream.  The Limited, Scandal wardrobe designer Lyn Elizabeth and Kerry Washington are collaborating on a collection that will hit The Limited stores this fall.  Here is a sneak peak of some sketches below courtesy of The Limited:

We here at the Pretty Prescription are excited.  Glad to know that our fall wardrobe " is handled"

So what do we think Angels?  Is this a must buy?  Are you dying to see some more sketches?  Let us know what you think?  Definitely let us know what you picked up when the collection hits stores this fall.

Until next time Angels,
Happy Haulin' 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

MAC Sharon Osbourne Collection

Hi Angels,

On the twelfth of June MAC released the Osbourne collection in stores.  I reviewed Kelly's collection earlier.  Now I am back with Sharon Osbourne's half of the collection. 

I was fortunate enough to stop by the mall on the release date.  Here is a picture of Sharon's collection :

The lipliner is missing because I had it in my hands.  LOL.  Unlike Kelly's collection, Sharon's is warmer and can be worn by almost anyone.  It consists of four patent polishes (all red packaging and signed) in the upper left hand and right hand corner. The are shiny lippolishes with great staying power. The colors are innocent(glossy taupe),patent pink(neutral pink),french kiss(coffee brown)and ruby(a dark plummy red).  

The next row are the lipglasses.  From left to right is pussywillow (creamy nude with high shine) and bijou(muted pink).  

In between the lipglasses is the eyeshadow quad called Duchess.  From too left to right Femme Fatale(golden brown satin), Embark(Dark reddish brown matte),Sexy Eyes (soft warm bronze), Sweet Eyes(light golden nude) .While it is a nice warm palette, I passed.  If you are looking for one, it is a must buy.

Sharon's collection also contains a mineralize Skinfinish and a blush.  The MSF is called Refresh(light summer peach with a light golden tan) and Peaches and Cream(a mid tone rose with a satin finish).

The eye pencil is Bountiful Brown(a bronzed brown).  It is part of the permanent collection.  The lip pencil which I purchased is cranberry( it is a soft yellow pink).  

The last part of the collection are the special edition brushes.  They are the 275se on the left(medium angle shading) and the 167se (face blender).  

The collection is very popular and availability changes everyday.  You may purchase these items at your favorite MAC counter,, Nordstrom, Macy's,  Dillards's and Bloomingdales.

So Angels, have we purchased anything from this collection? What are your thoughts?  Let us know...

Until next time Angels,
Happy Haulin'

Friday, June 20, 2014

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner

Hi Angels,

The web and Instagram have been abuzz the past few weeks about Benefit's new product.  It's their gel liner in a pen form. They say it's revolutionary because it's a gel and the color/formula is matte black.  The special tip is supposed to enable the user to easily line your eyes close to the lash.

Here is a pic courtesy of Benefit and Instagram:
I was fortunate to order this beauty from HSN and Sephora before it is released at the end if the month.  Ulta is having a preview event today. Some were able to get them at a Benefit event even before that. I will review it as soon as I get it.

So Angels, has anyone received the new liner already?  What do you think?  Are you thinking of getting it?  Let us know.

Until next time Angels,
Happy Haulin'

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Stila Summer Sale

Hi Angels,

Just a quick post to let you know that from now until Friday Stila is having a sale on their site.
 You will receive 25% off your purchase plus free shipping.   So you can stock up on favorites. The eyeliners and eyeshadows are worth a look.  It's a win win situation. 

So Angels, have you already purchased anything?  Or are you going to purchase something?  Let us know, we'd love to hear from you.

Until next time Angels,
Happy Haulin'

Friday, June 6, 2014

MAC LORDE Collection

Hi Angels,
The people at MAC are BUSY!  Yesterday they launched their LORDE mini collection.  It is inspired by the funky New Zealand born Grammy award winning musician.  The collection consists of a lipstick named after the artists album and a Pentulmate eyeliner. The look that was debuted at this past Grammys was a mixture of Cyber and Rebel lipstick.  Voila now you have Pure Heroine. Take a look at the promo pic courtesy of

The look is simple, clean but vampy.  The lipstick is an amplified finish so it won't be dry on the lips. Both items are available at for $16.00 and $19.50. Pro discount does not apply to the lipstick.  

So what do we think Angels?  Are we going to indulge in Pure Heroine?  Let us know what you decide.

Until next time
happy Haulin'

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Released: MAC Kelly Osbourne

Hi Angels,

I f you can remember a little while ago we told you about the upcoming MAC Osbourne Collection.  Well the collection was released Monday on and it is flying off the shelves.  It will be released in stores on the 12th so be on the lookout.  

In the meantime, shall we look at the gorgeous pics? (all courtesy of  If I get to the release in stores on time I will add my own pics.  In the meantime check out the Osbourne ladies serving face.

Kelly better worrrrrrrkkkkk!!!!!  You know Ms. Sharon was not to be outdone.  Here she is below: (we will look at her items in a separate post)

Can we all gorge!!!!!  Now on to the makeup that I must say was tailormade to each ladies skintone and hair color perfectly.  So if you are a match in anyway you have hit the jackpot.  

Now onto each collection...let us begin with Kelly's collection.  Pictured below is her eyeshadow quad called Bloody Brilliant.
From top left to right: Spoonful of Sugar(sparkling platinum) and aTickety Boo(muted plum brown).
From bottom left to right: Fizzy Rose(pale lilac) and Shadowy Lady(a blackened plum).  The shadows come encased in a pretty lilac palette with Kelly's signature in red. The price is $44.00.  All in all it looks like a cute palette.  It reminds me of Spring Forecast's purple eyeshadow palette from a few years back.

As I have told you all in past posts, I am a brow junkie.  By the looks of Ms. Kelly's next item, so is she.  The next pic is of Kelly's brow duo called Morning Mr. Magpie. 

The shadows used are Soba and Brun.  They are of a satin finish and are used to fill in the brows.  In the limited edition signed palette this is priced at $22.00.

The Kelly Jumbo Pentulmate is the next pretty piece. In the collection's signed purple shell you will find Rapidblack which is a deep dark black liner.  It is priced at $22.00.  Here it is below:

Kelly's beautifully lined lids are also lined by her own kohl.  It is called Kelly's eye Khol.  Smolder(black) is reintroduced to us in the pretty packaging for $17.50.  It is currently sold out on  Have a look :

Our next pretty is one of the sold out items.  It it the Kelly lip pencil.  In Synch is given a makeover in the special packaging for $16.50.  Take a look below and if you like it try to purchase it at your neighborhood counter. 

The next Kelly item flew off the website. It is the lipsticks.  If anyone knows Kelly, she is serious about her lipstick.  She cried when she couldn't find another Candy Yum Yum.  Look at these pretties:

Strip Poker (matte)

Riot House (matte)

Kelly Yum Yum (satin). So fitting!

Dodgy Girl (matte)

I am a pink girl so I will definitely swatch Kelly Yum Yum.  I would've preferred it in a matte finish.  But who knows...the other three will look stunning on paper beauties.  Kelly must look stunning with dodgy girl.  

We will now look at Kelly's mineralize skinfinish.  It is called Jolly Good.  It is double sided with mineralize light cool beige and pink.  It is $33.00 and currently sold out online.  Here it is pictured below:

There is also a blush in this collection called Cheeky Bugger.  It is a matte rosy pink pictured below.  It is priced at $22.00 and is also sold out at  Feast your eyes on Cheeky Bugger.

The last two items in this collection are brushes.  They are both currently sold out online.  The first is the 219se pencil brush.  This se brushes are smaller than your regular brushes and are machine made.  It is for your crease and smudging eyeliner in the lower lash line.  It has the pretty light purple handle and signature.  It retails for $27.50. Here is the pic:

The second brush is also a short end and retails for $58.00.  It is the 183se flat buffer.  It makes buffing powders and bronzer a snap.  It also has the pretty purple handle and signature.

So Angels, what do you think about Kelly's collection?  Were you a part of the luck few that bought the most popular items?  Are you going to the store launches?  Let us know what you did and what you thought?  I'll be back with Sharon's half later on.

Until next time Angels
Happy Haulin'