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Saturday, September 29, 2012

MAC StyleSeeke​r Collection

Hello Angels!

I must admit, I did some damage with MAC's last collection!  It featured an array of warm corals to brick colors, which are right up my alley.   Let's take a look at what I hauled.:

We will begin with the blushes- there were three blushes named Worldly Wealth, Supercontinental and Hidden treasure. I purchased the last two. I left Worldly Wealth behind because it resembled Format blush from the permanent line.

Supercontinental is a warm peach with a beautiful shimmer Hidden Treasure is a lovely burnt red color with a wonderful sheen.   They were both a welcome addition to my collection.

From left to right Supercontinental and Hidden Treasure. They are both very pigmented and wear beautifully:

Next up are the lipsticks from this collection.   From left to right we have Fashion Nomad, Delectable and Eden Rouge. They are a matte Red-orange, a matte pale peach and a matte blood red.   I wore them with MAC Auburn , Chicory and Vino lip pencils, respectfully.   I wanted the pencils to compliment the lipstick and not change the color.

From top to bottom Fashion Nomad, Delectable and Eden Rouge:

Now on to the lip glosses!  I purchased Restless and Eclectic Edge.   (from left to right below)
Restless is a rust color with gold shimmer.   It can be worn alone or over a similar lipstick.   Ecletic Edge is an opaque coral with a gold shimmer.  This definitely can be worn alone or over colors like Fashion Nomad.

From top to bottom :
Eclectic Edge

And last but by no means least are the eye shadows from this collection.  Along with my other purchases I also hauled two eye shadow duos.

Below is On The Hunt. The top color is a shimmery burnt red. the bottom color is a pinky gold with gold shimmer. They have great color payoff and went on smoothly.

From top to bottom:
Marche' aux puces
On the hunt


Friday, September 28, 2012

MAC By Request- Eye Shadows

Hello Angels!

I am back with my review of the MAC BY Request Shadows. This collection was voted by the customers on Facebook and only released online.   The eyeshadows that won the votes were (from left to right) Jete, Moth Brown and Guacamole.   Jete is a veluxe pearl while Moth Brown and guacamole are Frosts.

They swatch beautifully and are true to the color in the pan. Jete can serve as a wonderful highlight while Moth brown and Guacamole are wonderful on the lid.  Although there were loads of other colors for Mac to re-release, these do not disappoint. I am quite satisfied with my purchase.   Jete and Guacamole are still available online MAC

Happy Haulin'

Thursday, September 27, 2012

MAC By Request

Hello Angels,

After MAC asked their customers to vote for three lipsticks, three lipglasses and three eyeshadows,  I only purchased the lipsticks and will wait for the release date to get the eyeshadows.

The lipsticks picked were Moxie, Rocker and Candy Yum Yum, as pictured.   Moxie is a beautiful red-pink matte favored by the like of Dita Von Teese.   Rocker is a burgundy red with fine gold glitter.   It is also a matte. And last but not least is Candy Yum Yum a bright blue pink that made Kelly Osbourne cry when it was no longer available.  All three are stunners and must haves in my opinion.


The lipglasses that were released were Flash of Flesh, Bait and Cult of Cherry.   If you had these in the past and loved them, I suggest you hop on your computer and give them a home.
I will review the eyeshadows after I purchase them on August 13th.

Happy Haulin'

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Candy Yum Yum Conspiracy

Hello Angels!!

On August 5th after tons of votes online
MAC released the BY REQUEST Collection that is available online only. One of the lipsticks that was voted for was Candy Yum Yum. This color was previously released with the Quite Cute collection.   It sold out that time and right now it is sold out as well.

Well, I ordered one from this collection and I have to say it is different from my first one. The formula is smoother than before and it is not as bright. 

The old one is  on the left, new one is on the right:

This may be in an effort to make this in your face color more wearable for everyone.   I say BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to that.   What made Candy Yum Yum to die for was the electric neon pepto bismol color and texture.    Does that make this a no buy?   No, it is still a unique color but I prefer my old Candy Yum Yum.

Happy Haulin'

MAC Ruffian Lipsticks

Hello Angels!

I am back with two exclusive lipsticks from MAC. They are from an online collaboration with the Ruffian design house. There are also some limited edition press on nails with the Ruffian signature flare. Three lipsticks were launched in this mini collection. I purchased the Ruffian Red and Ruffian Gold.

The Ruffian Red is a beautiful blue-red while the Gold is a metallic gold glitter. The two look beautiful worn separately and can even be layered for the perfect pop to the red lipstick. I definitely suggest you buy these gorgeous lippies. They are available here
for a limited time.

Happy Haulin'


Good-bye Summer

Hello Angels!!

And we're back from Summer vacation!  Though we are sad to say good-bye to the warm summer nights, we are very excited to share our latest adventures in makeup and fashion with you!  Happy Fall!!

Stay tuned!