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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dose of Colors Terra Collection

Hi Angels,

Happy National Lipstick Day.  In this heat wave on the East Coast your makeup has to be bulletproof or you'll look a Neopolitan ice cream after you walk down the block.  One of my essentials has been the liquid lipstick.  Dose of Colors released a trio this past May with lovely earthy tones.  Although it might not be available on their site you may still be able to purchase them at places like  The trio is priced at $58.

Let's take a look at these beauties.

From left to right: Stone, Sand and Brick.

Here they are switched on MAC NW43 skin:

These beauties are true to color and stay on as long as you're not eating anything too oily.  They are a dry matte and stay put otherwise.  Based on these babies the rest of the line is worth checking out. An array of colors are the company website which is  They are priced at $18 a matte lipstick.

So what do we think Angels? Are you curious about the line and other colors?  Have you tried anything else from this Indie brand?  Let us know what you think?

Until next time, Angels!
Happy Haulin'


  1. beautiful hair swatches!


  2. Why am I just seeing this? I really need to stop being so neglectful and get back to this. Thank you so much for checking out the blog. ��