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Sunday, January 6, 2013

LaFemme Blushes

Hi Angels, come in closer...LOL
I am going to let you in on an industry pearl.   What would you say if I told you that you could find blushes that are as pigmented and pretty as MAC and NARS for about five dollars a pop?

Are you dying to know yet? LOL

Look below. You will find my latest haul of LaFemme blushes. I bought them in palette form so I could put them in a sturdy black palette for less than ten bucks made just for them.   Here are the colors from left to right:
Mauve Sparkle, Mulberry, Bordeaux, Golden Ruby, Purple Passion, and Lilac Champagne.

Here are the blushes swatched. As you can see they are pretty true to the color in the pan.   This was with one pass on each blush.   Each color can be built up or toned down to your liking.
Here are the second set that go into the twelve well palette.
From left to right you have: Mocha, Plum Frost, Indian Rose, Peach Sparkle Dusty Rose and Crystal cafe.  These are also beautiful colors. You will see the colors better in the swatches.
Here are the second set of blushes swatched from left to right:
Mocha, Plum Frost, Indian Rose, Peach Sparkle, Dusty Rose and Crystal Cafe.   Just pretty!

All of these colors and more are available at MakeUpMania

and Camera Ready Cosmetics for purchase.   For the price of two NARS blushes and 4 MAC blushes you get twelve slighty smaller blushes and a palette. There is even a dupe for NARS' best selling blush Orgasm.   It is called coral spice and of course it never stays in stock. Good buy? I guess you will have to be the judge.

Try them out for yourselves!
Happy Haulin'

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