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Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hello Angels!

I have to tell you there was quite a bit of a discussion as to what my next topic we would be about. Well I decided to go with the frame of the face. Eyebrows.   Brows, Brows, Brows. Yes my pretties, next to my eye shadow ritual, this part of my face takes the longest to get just right.   I fill in my brows everyday with a pencil and brow gel. There a few other steps that must be followed to create the best shape.  I remember calling this practice Arching. There are four different techniques that I am aware of and have experienced firsthand.

1. Waxing- removing the excess hairs with strips and wax . The results are a nice shape and long lasting results. You must have a skilled technician to avoid any disasters.

2. Plucking - I used to do this myself with a pair of Tweezerman tweezers. Well this does not come without some casualties when you first begin to do this. Plucking too often can lead to hair loss. This also needs a skilled hand.

3. Razor- This technique gives the cleanest shape but if you have a tendency towards ingrown hairs this may not be ideal.

4. Threading- When done correctly it gives a beautiful shape that is long lasting. Depending on where you have them done this can be the cheapest of all the four. It hurts the most but the results are amazing.

So if you find someone that is able to do your eyebrows well stay with that technician. Using someone else may cause inconsistencies in shape. Mistakes happen so grow the brow out before doing anything else. Remember a nicely arched brow can only enhance your beauty and make your makeup regimen shorter.

Until next time my angels!!

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