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Sunday, July 20, 2014

First Lady's been "Brow"sing

Hello Angels,

For me the FLOTUS can almost do no wrong fashion wise.  When certain fashion experts would discuss her looks there were only minor suggestions.  All of them were in an effort to soften her look just a little.  Well this month's essence just arrived at my doorstep.  I would have to say that The First Lady scores a ten.
Here's the cover courtesy of Essence magazine:

What did she do differently?  Well for one her hair is lighter.  That gives her a glow for the season.  But the biggest thing that was done is that her eyebrows are fuller.  It gives her a softer and younger look.  Eyebrow guru Damone Roberts suggested this ages ago.  Someone listened and she looks better than ever.

Here is an earlier pic that you can use for comparison (courtesy of

This look is high fashion and the thinner brow fits the criteria.  In the first picture the FLOTUS looks fresh, fashionable and FIERCE.  The fuller eyebrows are also very on trend.  Some of your favorite celebrities have been doing the same.  When well shaped a fuller eyebrow can easily take a few years off of you. Voila instant face lift.

Are you a thick or thin eyebrow person? Are you for or against growing them out? Let us know what you think?  

Until next time Angels,
Happy Browzing!!!! LOL

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