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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Creating a Celestial Foundation!!!!

Hello Angels!

When speaking to so many women, one of the most frequently asked questions is. “How do I find a good foundation to match my skin?” Believe it or not this is not just a problem for women of color. The most important thing is to not look like you have a mask on. Makeup is meant to enhance and make you look your best.  We will attack this topic by addressing these three topics. They are 1) skin type, 2) finish/coverage, and 3) undertones.

Skin Type:

1. Oily – might benefit from matte finishes to control oil.
2. Combination- has different zones of skin types on the face. This skin type can use different types of foundation depending on whether you are more oily or dry.
3. Dry- better with liquid or cream to somewhat hydrate the skin
4. Normal-can use any foundation


1. Matte- no shine allowed . Great for someone with oily skin. It also works on normal skin.
2. Dewy-gives a healthy glow. Not ideal for oily skin
3. Natural- looks like you but better. Neither dry or dewy


1. Cool- has a mixture of blues and reds. Skin goes well with silver jewelry
2. Warm- yellow/red undertones. Skin goes well with gold jewelry.
3. Neutral- can go either way


1. Sheer- the lightest coverage. It is used to even skin out but not to cover imperfections.
2. Medium- what the majority of people use. It covers some imperfections.
3. Full coverage- is thick and opaque. This covers most all imperfections.

If all else fails go to your local makeup counter and ask to be color matched. Don’t be afraid to try and look at your makeup outside the store. Be sure and bring an objective person with you and trust your gut.

Until later My Angels!

P.S......I would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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