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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Crackle, Shatter, and Save! (Nail Polish Review)

Hey Angels!

Why pay the nail salon five to ten dollars for a nail art when you can do it yourself? You may ask yourself, “What is this girl is talking about?” Well, I have a new obsession that will enable you to save time, money, and still be fashionable!

In my quest to give myself and my little Angel affordable manicures and pedicures, I stumbled upon the new rage in nail polishes that gives you a unique and designer look each and every time you use it: Crackle/Shatter Polish. These crackle or shatter polishes are easy to use, and are manufactured by an array of companies.

Here is how they work:

  1. After you have filed/shaped your nails, apply one coat of your favorite nail polish. Let this coat dry completely, otherwise the crackle/shatter polish will not crack/shatter the way it is supposed to.
  2. Apply one coat of the crackle or shatter nail polish and prepare to see magic!

The polishes range from six to eight dollars per bottle. My daughter and I have tried several brands and here are some quick reviews:

  1. Crack by China Glaze: has great colors, nice crackle, but takes some time to dry
  2. Crack by Sally Hansen: does not crack a lot, but is reasonably priced
  3. Shatter by Opi: by far the best, comes in awesome colors, shatters instantly, and dries quickly

These polishes have been flying off the shelves. If you buy your own crackle or shatter nail polish, you can bring it with you to the nail salon and your nail art will be absolutely free! This is also great for young girls because instead of taking them to get expensive manicures and pedicures, they can do it themselves! I can attest, my daughter loves them, and changes her nail polish every three days.

You can purchase these nail polishes from Sephora, Harmon’s, Sally’s, Walgreens, or anywhere cosmetics are sold.

I would love to hear some feedback. Which brand do you prefer?

Later Angels!!!

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