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Saturday, August 25, 2012

MAC Heavenly Creatures Mineralize Skin Finish

Hi Angels!!

MAC's Heavenly Creatures collection had four mineralize skin finishes.  These are finely milled powders with a lot of color and shimmer/glitter. They can be used to highlight your face or as a blush. 

I bought  three of the four. I did not purchase Light Year because it looked like other ones I had in my collection.  I did purchase three of them.  Two of them are a must have for me.  From left to right are Center of the Universe, Earthshine and Star Wonder.  Center of the Universe is a beautiful mixture of terracotta, orange and gold.  In my opinion it can be worn by everyone but will look beautiful on tanned skin.

The second one below is Earthshine.  For those of you that have been collecting for a while it is not easy to always find a skin finish that works for a woman of color.  Like Metal Rock (the most talked about skin finish by women of color ) and Warm Blend of previous collections this one hits the spot.  It is a wonderful blend of gold, plum/burgundy and brown.  The more burgundy it has the browner it will be.  Those with lighter complexions should consider one with less burgundy to be used as a blush or contour.  I love this one.

The last one is called Star Wonder.  It a beautiful pink,purple and gold mixture.  This also can be worn by all skin tones as a highlighter or blush.  For me it looks like others I have in my collection.  I am waiting for MAC to come out with a highlighter to be worn over my purple/plum blushes.  For me this is not the one.  It is still worth checking out.

From Top to bottom:
Center of the Universe, Star Wonder, and Earthshine

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