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Saturday, September 29, 2012

MAC StyleSeeke​r Collection

Hello Angels!

I must admit, I did some damage with MAC's last collection!  It featured an array of warm corals to brick colors, which are right up my alley.   Let's take a look at what I hauled.:

We will begin with the blushes- there were three blushes named Worldly Wealth, Supercontinental and Hidden treasure. I purchased the last two. I left Worldly Wealth behind because it resembled Format blush from the permanent line.

Supercontinental is a warm peach with a beautiful shimmer Hidden Treasure is a lovely burnt red color with a wonderful sheen.   They were both a welcome addition to my collection.

From left to right Supercontinental and Hidden Treasure. They are both very pigmented and wear beautifully:

Next up are the lipsticks from this collection.   From left to right we have Fashion Nomad, Delectable and Eden Rouge. They are a matte Red-orange, a matte pale peach and a matte blood red.   I wore them with MAC Auburn , Chicory and Vino lip pencils, respectfully.   I wanted the pencils to compliment the lipstick and not change the color.

From top to bottom Fashion Nomad, Delectable and Eden Rouge:

Now on to the lip glosses!  I purchased Restless and Eclectic Edge.   (from left to right below)
Restless is a rust color with gold shimmer.   It can be worn alone or over a similar lipstick.   Ecletic Edge is an opaque coral with a gold shimmer.  This definitely can be worn alone or over colors like Fashion Nomad.

From top to bottom :
Eclectic Edge

And last but by no means least are the eye shadows from this collection.  Along with my other purchases I also hauled two eye shadow duos.

Below is On The Hunt. The top color is a shimmery burnt red. the bottom color is a pinky gold with gold shimmer. They have great color payoff and went on smoothly.

From top to bottom:
Marche' aux puces
On the hunt


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