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Sunday, December 30, 2012

MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection

Hi Angels! 
I wanted to follow up with you on the MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection I had notified you about, and show some swatches of the new collection.  I have also included some pictures of the play by play of my experience picking up the lastest colors.

This was the display that was setup on both sides of the store. As I got in line, I learned that the lipsticks were almost all sold out. While on line, the lipsticks that were left, Pure Zen and Love Goddess, sold out as well.   I was disappointed to say the least!

A lot of the other items were repromotes such as the lipliners, eyeliners, and the mascara so I didn't bother with swatching them.


Here is another pic that we snapped outside of the store at 7:50pm. We were being served different appetizers while waiting.   At this point I decided my game plan was to purchase my desired items and review/swatch the others later.

Here are the items I swatched:
Top Row: From left to right: Legendary Blush and The Perfect Cheek

Bottom Row (eyeshadows): How to Marry, Preferred Blond, Showgirl and Silver Screen.

The blushes were a no for me and I was underwhelmed by the eyeshadows. Thank God I called my favorite MAC artist and she set aside Deeply Adored, Love Goddess and Preferred Blond.

The five lipsticks, Scarlet Ibis, Deeply Adored, Love Goddess, Charmed I'm Sure and Pure Zen sold out when they were released at each site. By October 4th Macy's, Bloomingdale's and Nordstrom's all over were selling out their lipsticks within minutes!!


I managed to swatch all the lipsticks except Scarlet Ibis.
From left to right: Deeply Adored(dark red matte), Love Goddess(pinky-red satin), Pure Zen(warm pink frost) and Charmed I'm sure(blue-based red matte).

The lipsticks, blushes and Beauty Powder are all in black shiny cases with limited, rarely seen pics of Marilyn Monroe.
Be sure to check out whatever you can especially if you are a pale skinned beauty. This collection is made for you.
Try your local department stores and MAC.

Happy Haulin'

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