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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kardashian Khroma Collection Review

Hello Angels,
I am back with another post. Now if you are like most lipsticknistas,you were hunting along with the rest of us for the lipsticks the Kardashian girls were wearing on the season finale. After looking everywhere for the illusive white tube I stumbled upon the collection at my neighborhood CVS. I then googled the collection and found the color Khloe was wearing. The lipsticks are the Khroma Joystick lip lacquer. The color is Shocking Pink. I picked it up along with two others.

The Kardashian girls are makeupnistas so I was prepared to take no prisoners. I have to say for the eight dollar price they are quite good. It is not a drying formula and the color is true to the tube. I did expect Shocking Pink to be darker but it was nothing MAC Currant lip pencil couldn't fix. I would have loved it if the finish was matte. I would compare them to MAC's amplified finish. It is not the longest lasting lacquer and needed to be reapplied after a few hours.

All in all I have to say these lipsticks are great for beginners especially due to the pencil shape. They are also great for the collectors/ Mommy on the go like myself.
So check them out when you get a chance at your neighborhood CVS and Harmon. Until next time Angels......

Happy Haulin'

From: top to bottom
Retro Red
Rose Parade
Shocking Pink

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