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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dolce Vita review NARS FALL 2012 collection

Hello Angels!!

I just received notification that NARS' Fall collection was available on their site now.  As I looked at the products i recognized an oldie but goodie that was being re-promoted.  It is NARS' blush Dolce Vita.  I happen to have that one and a few more in my stash so I decided to review it for you.
NARS is an iconic makeup brand that is known worldwide for their simple clean looks as well as pigmented colors.  Francisco NARS' staple product is a icon in itself.  That item my pretties would be Orgasm blush.  Although it is the most popular blush in the line there are a multitude of other including the one I am reviewing today.

I purchased Dolce Vita when I was just getting into blushes and was running away from another blush I thought was too bright. That blush was Crazed.  Boy do I regret that now!!  Dolce Vita is a pretty warm pink with warm pinky/gold reflects.  It goes on prettier than it swatches and gives the face a beautiful glow.  It is a wonderful color that adds to your makeup without being the primary focus.  Dolce Vita is online at, as well as many department stores.  Stop by your nearest counter and have a look.

Happy Haulin'

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