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Thursday, January 24, 2013

MAC Apres Chic

Hello Angels,

I am back with my purchases from the MAC Après Chic Collection. I have to say that this is a very warm natural collection.   It is a welcome break from a lot of the in your face colors of the past.   In this picture we have Porcelain Pink and Stereo Rose Mineralized Skinfinish (From the In the Groove Collection) as well as Hot Chocolate Satin finish lipstick.

The other two boxes are Good Times (From Taste Temptations) and Impossibly Sweet (From Glamourdaze Collection) lipglasses.   They were needing a good home and I was happy to house them.   LOL.

From left to right you have Porcelain Pink, Stereo Rose, and Hot Chocoloate.

Porcelain pink is a warm pink with warm gold tones.   It a beautiful highlight for those pinks that don't look like bubble gum.  Stereo Rose is a pinky/coral with gold veining.  This is definitely for all warm toned skin tones.
Hot Chocolate is just beautiful.  It is a satin plum brown lipstick that can be made plummier or browner depending on the lipliner.  I LOVE it.  It goes on beautifully.

From left to right:
Porcelain Pink (Goldy/Pink)
Stereo Rose (Corally/Gold)
Hot Chocolate lipstick (plum brown) This is my new deeper Naomi Campbell lip. LOL

From Left to right
Good Times Lipglass: pale mauve
Impossibly Sweet : pink with multicolor pearls.

These are your normal lipglasses.   They have lots of color with a tacky finish.   I plan to wear them alone or layered over lipsticks.   This can give a whole new look to a lippie.

Happy Haulin'

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