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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Clinique Chubby Sticks Review and Swatches

Hello Angels,

Well as always we try to keep you informed on all that's buzzing in beauty and fashion.  Whilst at the nail salon the other day thumbing through a gossip rag (sorry, not sorry) I saw an ad for the amazing moisturizing power and potent color of the Clinique Intense chubby sticks.  Normally, I'm not into sheer lip color because for my money I want color payoffffff honey.  But because these claimed to be "intense" I thought I'd scoot over to my local Sephora and check it out for myself.

As you can see, I was able to find every color of the collection except "Heftiest Hibiscus" because it was totally sold out.  Perhaps this is telling of how great the color is.  I have pretty positive remarks for the rest of the colors, and here are my swatches (and please pardon the ashiness of my hands-- I only got a pedicure lol):

From the top:

Grandest Grape

Broadest Berry

Roomiest Rose

Mightiest Maraschino

Plushiest Punch

The last two colors:

From the top:  

Curviest Caramel

Chunkiest Chili

So what did I get, you ask???

Since I only swatched and didn't wear yet, I limited myself to one...  Plushiest Punch.  
Here's what it looks like on me:

I must say that I'm in love with the texture of this lip color.  It wears as easily as plain ol' vaseline and moisturizes as well.  It won't last through a big meal but it wore for hours on me without feathering.  I outlined my lip with the chubby stick and then filled in the lip with it as well.  The color is potent and true to the stick, with a modest but noticeable shine (a cross between a gloss and a lipstick).  It is flattering on me and so I will assert that it is flattering on all skin tones.   Sometimes the trade-off for gorgeous color is dryness (sorry but lip tar isn't a moisturizer).  Not with these babies!  Great for long work days so you won't have to always reapply.    
Will it replace my favorite reddish pink lipsticks?  No.  But I will say that this little chubby stick has earned its own special place in my makeup collection.  Something I will wear on lighter makeup days, with BB cream, cream blush, a filled in brow, mascara, and this little pop of color to give that fresh faced, finished but not "done" look.  

Hope you enjoyed your tour of the collection!  I'm going to add Grandest Grape to my collection as well.  What colors will you be getting?  Share your thoughts and comments!  

Happy Haulin'!


  1. I have Roomiest Rose (got it free) and I really love the formula. These sticks are so comfortable you don't remember you have them on until you see your lip print on your cup. I definitely recommend them.

    1. I totally agree!! I put mine on and basically forgot about it a couple of hours later until when I was eating I wiped my mouth and saw the napkin! It feels like you put a really nice lip balm on and I couldn't ask for more with such potent color. And lucky you with the free goodies-- I'm adding the Grandest Grape and Roomiest Rose to my collection pronto!