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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall trends and falling prices at Kohl's!!

Hello Angels,

In a never ending effort to bring you all the latest and greatest of fashion and makeup (and leave some money in your pockets for things like food and shelter!) we present to you...  Fall faves at falling prices at a Kohl's near you!

I had the  chance to hit up my local Kohl's here in Augusta, GA and spent some time scouting out the gems in this store (almost all at 20-30% off) that I feel represent the "must have" trends for fall fashion.   

First up we have:

Military inspired utility jackets.  Now I know a lot of brands are putting out their own versions of these at varying price points but I thought this one was neat because of the lace detail on the shoulders and the rockin price of $33.99, which is 40% off regular.  

Close up of shoulders:  

Cute right?  I just love when details "girlify" something as unfeminine as a utility jacket in drab olive.

Next up... Embellished errrrythang!  
You may have noticed that embellished sweaters shirts, tees and tanks are all over the place.  Kohl's had these Elle shirts (a nod to the much much more expensive version sold by J. Crew) on sale for  50% off at $24.99.  My head is just spinning thinking of the million and one ways I can rock these shirts from casual with skinny jeans to the office with a pencil skirt.  Yep, a must.  

Another adorable top by Jennifer Lopez, but this one isn't on sale (yet lol) and rings in at $50.  But the quality is quite good with sewn on embellishments of decent weight and beautiful sparkle so even at full price it's a "do", and still runs less expensive than many other versions I've seen.  I love that the bottom isn't clingy like so many sweatshirts, and it's a little on the longer side so this is going to be a curve-flattering piece for sure, dressed up or down!

Next stop, Cobalt blue!!  I'm not personally a big color blocker but when I do, cobalt is one of my go-to's.  Such a rich and vibrant hue that wears so nicely in the cold weather.  Apt 9 has several pieces in this hue that are on point.

This ponte blazer is on sale for $39.99

And this dress, also $39.99

And check this out, combining two awesome trends, PEPLUM and cobalt, and on sale for 30% off regular price 

Next up is the leopard trend.  This fall I'm loving all things in leopard print. Shoes, bags, scarves, anything, you name it if you make it in leopard print this fall I'm interested!  I saw this adorable infinity scarf, also Apt 9, in a nice lightweight but not cheap fabric for only $15.99.

Next stop on the fall trends train is: black and white.  I'm enjoying this particularly classic color combination with a lot of different colored accents to bring a pop of fun to my outfits.  I also love that you can combine black-and-white together in   pretty much any pattern and it makes for an eye-catching yet classic piece, and is almost always appropriate for the workplace.  Here were my top picks of this trend at Kohl's:

Apt 9, $39.99

Dana Buchman cheetah print open front sweater and snakeskin print blouse (both full price)

Nice right??? 

Ok next trend spotted was leather trim.  I'm interested in adding leather in lots of new ways to my fall wardrobe:  shorts, skirts, pants and shirts.  Looks like designers agree and I'm noticing leather trim showing up in unexpected and cool places, like on that peplum cobalt top you just saw and these other pieces:  

Apt 9 for $39.99 

And this Dana Buchman dress (full price): 

What's great is that for all you animal lovers out there, most of these pieces appearing this fall are faux, so you can enjoy guilt-free!

Speaking of faux, another piece I wanted to share with you was a Jennifer Lopez black and white fur vest.  This piece is just fabulous.  Pictures don't quite do it justice.  Although it is faux the feel of this vest is quite luxurious, not scratchy and cheap like a lot of faux pieces out there.  Regular price is a hefty $175.00 but... This little number is on sale for $122.50.  

So here we are at the last fall fave trend I found at Kohl's...  Printed denim.  This trend hails back to the '80s for me (I'm dating myself!), when acid wash and flower print jeans ran rampant.  This newer version of the trend is different.  More understated, faded prints and smaller patterns are the norm here.  Which makes it very easy to mix patterns and have fun with color.  I saw these two pieces from the Lauren Conrad collection:
 Heart print skinny jeans: 

Here's a close up of the print:

Floral print denim shirt 

Well that wraps up my little trip to Kohls. And I left with my wallet a little bit lighter than it was when I walked in.  
I hope this helps you decide what goodies you want to add to your fall wardrobe and maybe even points you in the right direction of where to get them!! 

Happy shopping!!!

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