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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

NYX glitter eyeliner review

Hello Angels,

Back with a review of the NYX glitter eyeliners I have decided to sharpen my skills with.  Dramatic eyeliner looks in all shades with sparkle and without are taking over the eye makeup world.  Personally winged black eyeliner and bold lipstick has become my makeup go-to this fall. The ease of this glamorous look has put it on repeat for me.
I wanted to start incorporating glitter eyeliners into this recent personal obsession but decided to experiment at a lower price point just in case I decide that this trend just isn't for me (for frequent use).  So off to the store I went!  

I grabbed the two following colors:
Crystal Gold

Crystal Jade

Here is a swatch of the two colors on my hand. 

I will say that it took a pretty generous swipe to get this color saturation.  Which is not the case with the more expensive versions of glitter eyeliner. That said,  a more expensive version of this stuff runs upwards of $20.  It wears nicely and is as long lasting as any liquid liner I've used.  I used two swipes to really get the green to be uniform in thickness and coljor.
I went ahead and took the liberty of quickly swiping out a look that is exemplary of how I plan to use these in my makeup regimen.  

I plan to use them to jazz up my eyeliner looks, and believe me this will be very useful for going out after work (quick swipe of glitter eyeliner across the top line,   inner lower corner or outer wing and bam-- instant glam!). Or even for topping off a more dramatic look like a smokey eye.  Really there's no end to how you can use these and if you've ever worked with loose glitter you will appreciate how portable and mess free, easy to apply these are.  Hence the fabulous on-the-go potential use.  Try that with a tub of MAC glitter.  Hah.

So all in all I've drawn two conclusions.  One, this is a trend I like, serves up what I like to call "lazy glam".  Two, at this price it's fun to experiment and play and when I'm totally over it, I won't feel guilty about letting them gather dust in my makeup drawers!   

Hope you give the glitter trend a try, and feel free post your thoughts and comments below.  :)

Happy Haulin'!!!

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