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Monday, November 25, 2013

Great Holiday Gifts Under $30

Hello Angels,

Would you believe that the holidays are upon us?  For those of us that celebrate Christmas, we are less than a month away.  So one of our Pretty Prescribers compiled a list of great gifts at different price points.  I know sometimes I need some help figuring out what to buy.  So any help goes a long way.

Shall we get started:
Gap Plaid scarf-29.95
Anthropologie limited edition initial mugs

C Wonder speakers $10.00

Gap Pink Pom Pom hat-24.99
Gucci Guilty Deodorant-$27.00 (for men)

Target Men's sweater-$29.95

How's that for some inspiration.  We'll be back with some more gift ideas.  Let us know if you have any suggestions or if you have decided to pick up any of these items.  

Until next time Angels
Happy Haulin'

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