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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Colorful Eye Pencils

Hello Angels,

I am back with a post about my crayons. Lol.  I have many different colored eye pencils.  They come in quite handy when you need a pop of color and don't have time for a full eye look.  

I took advantage of the holiday sales at Sephora and at Urban Decay.  I also bought a pencil from MAC I had been eyeing.  They have saved me when I wanted to add a lil kick to a blah look.  

Here are the ones I bought:

From left to right: 
Smoke-dark gray matte
Sabbath-a creamy dark bluish purple
Chaos-Electric blue

Swatched on NW43 skin:
Left to right-
Sabbath, Smoke and Chaos

Nice right? And that is one swipe. These colors are potent and last for hours.  

Here are the second set of Urban Decay Pencils I bought at Sephora:

From left to right:
Psychedelic Sister-vibrant purple with sheen
Freak-neon yellow/green
Goldmine-bright yellow gold

Here are the same pencils from left to right  on NW43 skin:

I love all of these pencils and will be getting more.  They go on and stay on.  Each pencil dries quickly so you must blend or smudge immediately.  

I also managed to track down NARS Barrow Street at Sephora.  It was a limited edition pencil.  The color is mint green.  It is matte and true to color.  It might still be available on

Here it is:

Now here we have it swatched on NW43 skin:

I love it for a pop of color in the morning. It is fresh and doesn't say you will be dropping it like its hot later on.  LOL.

Last but not least is this MAC pencil I spied a little while back.  It is called So There Jade.  It is a PowerPoint pencil.  It is a minty/aqua color with some sheen.  This worn on the lower lash line is beautiful.  This is the pencil:

Here is the swatch:

It is richer than the NARS pencil.  I would say it is jewel toned and can be worn by a broader base of skin tones.  

Well Angels I can't wait to incorporate these pencils into some looks.  If worn correctly, some of these can be worn to work.  Let me know if you have any of these or are planning to buy some.

Until next time Angels,
Happy Haulin'

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