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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Target Peter Pilotto collection launches today

Hello Angels,

As you may have already read in one of our previous blog posts Peter Pilotto has designed a collection for Targe. It launches today (February 9 th) in stores and on  Most of the pieces are under $60.

Here are some outfits created with the pieces courtesy of Target.

Here are some of these looks shown individually:
That clutch is only $29.99.

The bag and sweatshirt are mine.  To be worn separately of course!  Lol!

For those of us that are bikini ready.  Present company excluded!  Thanks baby boy!  Lol! Next year!

I am thinking about the leggings.  I like this look as well.

So Angels,  you've heard my take.  What do you think? Will you be at target bright and early tomorrow? Do you like any of the pieces?  Let us know what you think and what you bought.

Until next time Angels
Happy Haulin'

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