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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

InStyle can be YourStyle

Hi Angels,

I am back to show you another magazine cover.  And unlike that other one, I don't mind the model that much. It's Jennifer Lopez on the cover of April Instyle magazine.  Some may argue she is the Kim Kardashian of the nineties.  She was married three times, always in the news, dressed provocatively and reportedly has a sex tape.  The latter we will never see because of the gag order on her first husband Ojani Noa.  Oh yes hunny, we know our gossip!  LOL

Back to the looks.  There are two beautiful covers for this issue: ( courtesy of InStyle)

This look says I am ready for summer with a copper eyeshadow and coral lip.  You can use MAC's so chaud lipstick as well as mulch or amber lights (depending on your skin tone) eyeshadow to achieve this look.

Here is the second look:
Nothing says sexy like a red lip.  This red lipstick is Racecar Red by Presciptives. You can find it at any Precriptives counter and Miss Jenny from da block had perfected the glowy almost no makeup look.  Her skin is radiant, and there is nothing else competing with the bold lips.

What do we think Angels?  Is this cover a hit or a miss?  Will you be picking up these lipsticks or do you already have them?  Let us know what you think.  

Until next time Angels
Happy Haulin'

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