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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Time Magazine's most influential person 2014

Hi Angels,

I am sure you know what we will be speaking about today.  As per the title, Time Magazine has chosen their most influential person.  This year it is: 

So Angels, Beyoncé is the most influential person of 2014. Well first let me say Congratulations.  I would have expected more clothing on her considering the Pope's name is next to her arm. We here at the Pretty Prescription are not haters.  Hmmm, I like Beyoncé' and all but really?  Not a Nobel prize winner, nor a scientist researching a cure for AIDS.  I understand her recent  album release changed the landscape of music.  I don't believe her role in pop culture supercedes that of a President Barack Obama or the Pope.   

I personally don't consult the book of Beyoncé to navigate through my personal life. Do Trust and believe I don't wear a Halo when I tell you to go to the left. I do however try to wake up flawless!  Lol.

So Angels how so we feel about the cover?  Have you read the article?  Are you going to buy the magazine?  Let us know what you think.  

Until next time
Happy Reading

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