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Thursday, April 3, 2014

MAC by request 2014

Hi Angels.

You may remember last July, MAC asked faithful Facebook Friends  to vote for their favorite Retro lipsticks,lipglasses and eyeshadows. Well the votes are in!  Here are your top 3. (In my Ryan Seacrest voice).  They are all available as of yesterday on

Drum rolls please!
1. Lipstick-Pink Poodle
Here's a picture of the lipsticks (All pics courtesy of MAC)

You can also get its matching lipglass.

They are described as a Vivid Fuschia Pink.  I've heard a great deal about this lipstick and honestly would buy it if I didn't already have so many pinks.

The second runner up is Hoop:
It is a midtonal rosey-pink.  I am honestly tempted by this one.  I will not put it in my cart! I won't! LOL I lied!

This is the lipgloss:
Sigh, I really like it.

The last lipstick is a bright pink red named Glam.  Here she is: 

Here is her lipglass:
There are also three eyeshadows that were chosen by MAC fans.  Here are the top three: 

1. Fiction-muted green shimmer

2. Diesel-cool gray frost

3. Butterscotch-matte warm beige

All of these are worth a purchase if you don't have similar colors. I am purchasing  Butterscotch.  This will be a great highlight and lid color  for all those beautiful neutrals we all have in our stashes.  

So what do you think Angels?  Have you already ordered or is this a pass?  Let us know what you think.

Until next time
Happy Haulin'

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