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Friday, April 4, 2014

Lancome And Lupita

Hi Angels,

I don't even know where to start with this post.  I am so happy I could cry!  Okay let me compose myself.  As the title of the post says Lupita Nyong'o is going to be a new face at Lancome.  But wait my Angels not just any old spokesmodel job, Lupita is the first celebrity ambassadress of color.  This position was held by Julia Roberts and Penelope Cruz.  Here is her press pic: (courtesy of US magazine)

Let me tell you why this hits so close to home.  Three of your Pretty Prescribers are L'OREAL babies.  Our Dad worked for the company for 35 years.  So this Company has had a great deal to do with helping us achieve our goals.  It also helped mold and foster our love for cosmetics and hair care.  So products by  Maybelline, Redken, Giorgio Armani cosmetics, YSL, L'OREAL and Lancome were always around.

Even though we were so invested in this company it was a long time before we were able to use any of their foundations and concealers.  It was even longer before a woman of color became their spokesmodel.  That model was Dominican model Arlenis Sosa.  Having been born of parents from Hispaniola (Domican Republic and Haiti) I felt acknowledged in some small way. And now with just one of their foundations having over thirty colors, others can be part of the line that brought us the Iconic Juicy tubes.

So Angels how do you feel about Lupita's new Lancome role?  Are you a Lancome user?  Let us know what your favorite product is.  Hope to hear from you.

Until next time
Happy Haulin'

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