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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Luxe Foundation

Hi Angels!!

I wanted to share my experience with a new foundation I recently purchased at Sephora. I was on the market for something light, due to the unbearable heat we were recently dealing with. I decided to try Guerlain's Lingerie de Peau, and I was not at all disappointed. This foundation delivers a flawless, lightweight finish that literally feels like silk as you apply it. It claims to be an invisible skin fusion foundation packed with SPF 20 to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays from the sun.  I was overall very pleased with this foundation, it offered a flawless finish that adequately covered imperfections, and lasted for hours. I have been experiencing extreme amounts of shine lately, but that was not the case with this foundation, another huge plus!!  Please note that this is a lightweight foundation, so if you are looking for more coverage this is not the product. 

I know it has a hefty price point at $59 for a bottle, but if you feel like treating yourself to a luxe foundation, this is it.  It feels great as you apply it (they aren't kidding about the lingerie) and has beautiful packaging, as expected with Guerlain.  



One small pump:

Quick swatch:

After blending, can't even tell it's on!!

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