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Monday, July 15, 2013

RiRi Hearts MAC Summer

Hello Angels,

I am back with my purchase from Rihanna's MAC summer collection.  I reviewed RiRi Woo earlier.  These are the other two lipsticks in the full collection.  They are named Heaux (that's French lol) and RiRi boy.  

Both lipsticks are in the retro matte formula.  If you have dry lips like mine make sure you exfoliate before applying.  Heaux is a red/berry color and RiRi boy (gasp) is a matte dupe for up the amp.  

These lipsticks were in HIGH demand.  I will spare you the details about my MAC online order horror story on June 18th.  Just know that I got them on backorder and they just arrived last Tuesday.

Anywho!  Can you find dupes? Yes!  Are they worth selling your first born?  It depends on how hard you go for lipsticks.  I love them.  My favorite is RiRi Boy.  I always wished Up the Amp was matte.  Thank you Rihanna.  RiRi Woo is on back order so you can still try and get it.  The others are sold out.  You can try blog sales and giveaways to see about scoring the other lippies.

Check out my pics and swatches below on NW43 skin.

Left to Right: RiRi Roo, Heaux and RiRi Boy

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