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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

OCC Lip Tar Review Day 2, Kava

Hello Angels,

As promised, I am continuing my review of the OCC pro picks set I got from Sephora.
We already went over "Hoochie" in a previous post for those of you just joining us.
Today I'm going to review "Kava".

Everything I said before about the ease of application and the smooth feeling it has throughout the day as it wears (no stickiness, no parched lips!) in my last post remains true.  I lined my lips with MAC chestnut lip pencil because for my NC50 skintone, this shade is very light and needed something to tie it in.
All those positives mentioned, I don't think this will be my favorite in the collection.  For those MACnistas out there, this shade is a lot like Peachstock lipstick.  Beautiful, but for someone with a skin tone similar to mine, be sure to blend blend bend.  Other possibilities might include MAC chickory, or cork pencil.  I will also try it with Nars Kenya lip pencil and if I like it better, will post.
For now, you be the judge...

 I experminted by adding a little MAC Boy Bait over it and it looked really nice, but definitely made it wear off faster so I recommend sticking with their "Clear" shade if you want some shine.

And be sure to check back for the remaining two colors in the Pro Picks pack!


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